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Off-season Interstate Moving Offers More Options

Summer is to interstate moving company schedules what rush hour is to city traffic: B-U-S-Y. (That’s with a supersized capital “B” by the way.) Relocating during September through April, by contrast, feels like a comfortable ride in the country.

Why are May, June, July and August so hectic? Simple. Reliable weather + school vacation = a hard-to-beat convenience combo. Still, the moving industry’s busy season isn’t perfect. In fact, scheduling an off-season cross-country move offers the potential for cheaper prices and greater resource availability.

Trying to shoehorn into the packed summer season can prove problematic. Because movers’ schedules often are more open during the off-season, you’ll likely benefit from a lot more flexibility.

Just like any other national moving company, Affordable Moving Service & Storage rides this seasonal teeter-totter. That puts us in the big-rig driver’s seat when it comes to recommending the season that’s likely to work best for you. After all, no matter what time of year, we’re the long-distance movers who make moving easy.

Off-season opportunities

Sure, summer is a terrific time. The sun’s energizing effects work great for revving people up and stimulating pre-move prep. The shadowy side? Moving trailers are jamming our streets and highways (and often moving slower than school buses). Accompanying those mega trucks? Families in cars making the trek to their new homes. That’s a lot of hot exhaust pipes.

Many people feed off that frenzy. But if you prefer a more relaxed relocation approach, you’ll probably opt for the September–April period. But pacing represents just one consideration for going with the off-season.


A state-to-state moving company understands how the marketplace ebbs and flows. With business at a lower tide during off-season, you might find your moving men more willing to wiggle with prices. On the fence on whether to hire movers or do it yourself when it comes to packing? Moving-supply off-season overstock also could mean discounts on boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Remember, it’s all about supply and demand, so go ahead and demand away and see what happens. If you’re buying in bulk, even more opportunity exists for discounts.

Dating game

Nailing down a specific delivery date isn’t exactly an exact science. A time window (often a several-week span) is helpful, obviously, but typically, you won’t know your move-in date until 24 hours prior. Selling your current home, buying a new house, finding a place to live–these activities are complicated with end dates that can fluctuate through every step of the home-buying process. It’s not uncommon for pro movers to be booked out several months in advance during peak season. This is particularly true if they are among the best-rated moving companies for long distance movers, such as yours truly. That could mean you’ll have to rent a residence during the interim—which could last weeks or months.

Abundant supplies

Remembering the supply-and-demand relationship, you’ll find your demand for materials will be satisfied in cooler months. During the summer sizzle, people are feverishly snapping up supplies right and left. It can be a teeth-gritting experience driving to moving-supply companies, only to find their box stock repeatedly depleted. Even packing tape and bubble wrap are going like hotcakes during the hot weather.

Calculating the cost of moving is multifold, with finances just one element of the overall package. Convenience, minimal stress and increased options all hold value, too. Whichever season you pick, Affordable Moving Service & Storage will be ready.

Seeking an honest mover and affordable mover in Florida who takes the utmost pride in their work? Look no further than Affordable Moving Service & Storage, your go-to mover in Fort Myers and the best movers in Cape Coral who also offer moving and relocation services across the entire southwestern Florida area. Contact us today for a FREE moving quote: (239) 674-0024 or (877) 281-9580.


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