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Pack Each Moving Box for Crush-free Performance

Two primary factors play into whether a packed box holds up during the rigors of a cross-country move: material and method.

On the material side, seek out task-worthy boxes and avoid low-budget models (such as beat-up empties from local grocers, department stores or liquor shops). Invest in sturdy, good-quality boxes able to withstand transport trauma. Corrugated cardboard offers superior stability with triple-layered construction: Two smooth outer layers surround a single ridged inner layer.

As full-service long-distance movers, Affordable Moving Service & Storage is happy to provide you with boxes appropriate to your items. Box expenses depend on the quantity you’re packing. A three-bed/two-bath home might require you spending $100 to $200. While this might add to the cost of moving, consider the negative financial impact a crushed or spilled box might cause.

Box it in

Assuming you’ve selected the correct box quantity and quality, packing them properly can be accomplished by following our modern mover’s recommendations for thinking inside the box for crush-free performance.

Don’t skimp on the packing tape. Seal a box bottom using the triple-ply method: three strips of packing tape forming a sturdy, overlapping seal. Don’t crisscross the flaps by folding one panel-quarter under another, though. When in doubt, seal edges to prevent snag-susceptible gaps that might rip open a box and spill its contents. Of course, firmly seal the top, too, when done inserting contents. You can purchase clear packing tape and a dispenser for less than $20. Once the box is built, it’s a good idea to line the box bottom with packing peanuts.

Build a foundation

Pack heavy objects (surrounded in either packing paper or bubble wrap) inside small boxes. By contrast, big boxes should house light items. You’ll stay on your home mover’s good side and better protect your items. In extreme cases in which boxes weigh too much to move safely, movers might have to re-pack items and charge you accordingly. (That’s a time-and-money double-whammy you can do without.)

Either extreme works against you: Under-packed boxes might cave in; overstuffed boxes can burst at the seams.

Packing items of varying weights in the same box? Remember to build a foundation by placing heavier items on the bottom, then placing lighter pieces on top. Also, prevent contents from shifting by using clothes, linens, packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper to fill any gaps. Snug = good. Jam-packed = bad.

Flexible solutions

Affordable Moving Service & Storage (your preferred mover in Venice FL) provides flexible solutions to move any object—large or small—to your new location. In addition to traditional boxes, we offer customized crates and item-specific boxing. Typical boxes don’t always provide the best solution for moving large objects (think mattresses) or fragile objects (e.g. dishware).

When packing in preparation for a cross-country trek, double-check materials are durable, especially freebies. Moving across country with an interstate moving company is more involved than a local move. Make sure you’re well-stocked for the job. Sometimes, cardboard just doesn’t cut it. To provide protection against prolonged temperature and humidity extremes, plastic containers might be advised.

Avoid risk

Be aware: Packing your possessions isn’t a risk-free proposition. Insurance coverage carries limitations should harm occur during your move. If the box itself is unaffected, mover’s insurance won’t cover any damaged items inside boxes movers did not pack. Hiring professionals to pack your belongings ensures your possessions will be carefully packed and fully insured.

Seeking an honest mover and affordable mover in Florida who takes the utmost pride in their work?

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