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Protect Your Unique Items with Specialty Moving

Do you need to transport a rare piece of memorabilia as part of your move across the country? Perhaps it’s a one-of-a-kind family heirloom or a unique item you purchased at an auction.

That’s when you need specialty moving, one of the customized moving options offered by your modern movers at Affordable Moving Service & Storage.

Specialty specs

“Specialty moving” is a catch-all phrase for relocation services designed to handle items that might best be described as falling into one or more of these categories:

· luxurious

· irreplaceable

· extra-large

· carries strong intrinsic value

· needs unusual care

· requires highly specialized instructions

Examples include pianos, billiards tables, fine artwork, vintage china, grandfather clocks, antiques and such modern items as large, flat-screen TVs. Basically, think of “specialty moving” as the relocation industry’s version of giving something the kid-glove treatment.

When you think about the extra-large category, think B-I-G. Automobiles can’t drive themselves (at least not most of them yet) and boats can’t float on their own during a move across the country. Those are two of the many instances in which specialty moving provides the ideal solution.

Maybe you own more vehicles than you can drive. Perhaps you’re flying to your new home. Either scenario isn’t an uncommon situation during an interstate move. A specialty mover can secure shipping or freight transport for your cherished vehicle. Plus, your auto-insurance agent will smile knowing you’re trusting top-shelf pro movers to handle your ride.

Like to tip an oar in the water, so to speak? A specialty mover can give your boat the attention it requires. Unusually shaped H2O gear—think jet skis, kiteboards, sails, etc.—also might need TLC. Ditto for in-deck hot tubs and other home add-ons.

List it

So, how do you decide whether a specialty mover is right for your long-distance moving options? First, list all your possessions that are unusually large, fragile or intrinsically valuable.

When you’re obtaining your moving quote, use your list to ask questions. If a specialty mover is needed, you’ll likely want to choose a well-equipped state-to-state moving company with vast resources at its disposal. Small, local companies without a national van-line affiliation might lack the staff, equipment or experience needed to expertly transport your prized items.

Custom solutions

Heard the expression, “Think outside the box”? That couldn’t be truer for specialty moving. That’s because custom care often requires custom crates, which a moving company will make to conform to a specific shape that’s designed to keep your items safe.

If you want the snuggest and safest fit possible, a custom crate is worth the extra amount it might add to your cost of moving. These crates are the ideal solution for irreplaceable antiques and chandeliers, for example. Furniture also can be fitted in custom crates or strategically packed to minimize wear on upholstery and finish.

Concerned about that Picasso or Dali? Custom crates offer primo protection for artwork. Pro movers and art-moving companies can create frame protectors to protect the outside of paintings and photographs. Special boxes for storing humidity- or temperature-sensitive items exist for musical instruments and equipment, such as violins, guitars, amplifiers and PA gear.

Ensure insurance

Cross-country movers offer what’s called valuation should a mishap happen. Valuation isn’t insurance, but it does offer reimbursement if your belongings are damaged. Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance also might protect you from an accident. It’s best to talk with your insurance agent to ensure your items are insured.

In the end, probably the best way to protect your prized possessions is to choose a specialty moving company with the know-how and means to do the job right.

Seeking an affordable mover in Florida who takes the utmost pride in their work? Look no further than Affordable Moving Service & Storage, your go-to home mover among long-distance movers and local movers in Naples and the rest of southwestern Florida. Contact us today for a FREE moving quote: 239.674.0024 | 877.281.9580.


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